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Label and packaging design

Label and product design are very important in the marketplace, as people are more aware of their purchasing decisions than ever before. Consumers want to know what they are buying and in what quality. This can be deceptive, because often the best-designed products hide poor quality, and it is a good reflection of the importance of this area that today more money is spent on packaging than on content, as consumers often make decisions based on color and shape rather than reading the ingredients. As a graphic designer, I may be reluctant to write this, but as a believer in conscious and healthy living, I feel it is my duty to draw attention to the fact that we should not fall for the glitzy, shiny packaging, but learn to make choices based on content. This does not mean that a quality product cannot have beautiful and sophisticated packaging, because the packaging is not only responsible for the appearance, but also protects the product from damage during transport.

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Why a nice and informative label is important

Product design is an important aspect of brand building. If a customer does not like a product, they will never buy from that company again. If they like it, they are likely to buy it in the future. Labels also have a significant impact on the consumer’s perception of the product.

Labels are used to provide information about a product.  They help to build brand identity and inform consumers about the product. Labels also provide consumers with basic information such as ingredients, weight, nutritional information, etc. They can also be used to make a brand recognizable and distinguishable from competitors.

The design of the labels may vary depending on the packaging or the style of the product. For example, if a company sells a food product containing a single ingredient, it is important to use the label to educate consumers about that ingredient and its benefits. However, if the company sells a number of foods containing different ingredients, it should focus on communicating those ingredients in a way that is easy for consumers to understand without taking up too much space on the label with text or graphics.

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Product and packaging design

Product design focuses on creating what the product will look like and what elements it will contain, rather than the label. Product design is the process of planning, designing, and developing a new product or service by considering its functions and features.

The first step in the product design process is to identify the needs of consumers. This is most easily done by researching similar products already on the market. The next step is to create an online/visual prototype (mockup) of the product. The final step is to manufacture the final product, using all the research results and knowledge about its function and use.

Packaging is not only responsible for protection during transport and storage, but also for selling. Presentation is a key element of sensory marketing. How a product looks conveys an underlying value. Colors, shapes, and materials affect our mood, mood, and feelings and influence our thinking and behavior. Our aim, therefore, is to ensure that the way a product looks makes people who look at it want to buy it.

I have a lot of experience in designing complex product packaging, whether it’s a vitamin box, a bottled soft drink, food in a can or pouch, cosmetics, or any other product sold in a shop or online store. It is important that the packaging is part of your corporate identity and should be closely aligned with your existing brand and the message you want to convey through the product. I can help you design the packaging that best suits your brand and product.