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Whether it’s a logo, a complete business branding, a website or an online store, you can count on me! I can help you design a unique, professional and competitive online presence, which is admittedly a must nowadays.

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Product design

Online& Social ads design

Content production

What is a logo and why is it important?

A logo is an image, text, icon or combination of the three that represents the name and purpose of a business, service or product. Its primary purpose is distinctive, helping to distinguish between market players. A well-designed logo also tells the story of the business by conveying its message and helps to create an emotional connection with the target audience. You can use it on your website, products, promotional items, online platforms.

A logo is important for several reasons, first and foremost:

  1. it creates a great first impression that encourages customers to engage with the brand it conveys
  2. helps to build brand identity
  3. it gives the business a symbol through which people can more easily remember it
  4. distinguishes your brand from that of your competitors
  5. promotes brand loyalty
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hatter carusell Hannah Design
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Corporate identity, brand or branding

The logo is part of the corporate image, but it is not the only thing that makes up the corporate identity, which includes the company’s defining colours, faces, product packaging, business cards, letterhead, various corporate gifts and the company’s philosophy. So, it is not necessarily just a physical product. The colours of your website should be in harmony with the colours of your brand.

Conscious brand or branding is important not only because it creates a memorable impression in the minds of consumers, but also because it allows customers and buyers to know what they can expect from your company. You need to build your brand to faithfully represent what you want to convey. First impressions are very important and will stay in people’s minds for a long time. Today, first impressions are made in the online world and the best platform for this is a website.

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Why is web design important on your website?

When a potential client or customer visits your website, it takes only a few seconds to form a first impression of your business. In those first few seconds, you want to make a positive impression on visitors to your website.

If your website is outdated/old-fashioned, difficult to navigate, not mobile friendly or difficult to get the information they are interested in, they will have an immediate negative feeling. They won’t even get to your product or service; they’ll close your site and continue browsing on a competitor’s site.

Web design is important because it affects how your audience perceives your brand. A well-constructed website or webshop and a nice web design will help you keep people on your site.

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hatter carusell Hannah Design
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Product packaging and labelling

Packaging design is the combination of form, structure, materials, colours, images, typography and regulatory information with complementary design elements to make a product suitable for distribution. In simple terms, packaging is an element of marketing strategy. Its main function is to identify the product and keep it safe during transport. Whether it’s a McDonald’s food or drink holder, an Apple iPhone box or even a tea bag, almost every product has packaging. Most of them are nice and practical, but there are exceptions 🙂

But we can all agree that unpacking a freshly bought or ordered product is an exciting and, ideally, eye-catching experience. A well-designed package or label almost entices the customer to put the product in their shopping basket and move it into their home, with many people choosing packaging rather than content. It is therefore now essential that a brand’s physical or even virtual product has unique and well-designed packaging.

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