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A business’s online presence can have a big impact on its success, regardless of the industry.  A strong online presence, especially a website, can be crucial to generating more revenue. Yes, the quality of your website can affect your results. I have helped many companies of all sizes develop their digital presence. In some cases, organizations are hesitant to go online because they feel they are not tech-savvy and don’t understand how to manage a website. In other cases, companies are concerned about price. The good news is that the WordPress interface is easy to understand after a short training and people with little IT experience will find it easy to use.

What is a good web design? A modern, clean design with unique elements that fit well with the company/brand image. Good resolution, with sophisticated visual and icon elements. The resulting textual content is tastefully integrated into the design with a high focus on quick understanding and orientation. UX above all else, user experience is the most important aspect for me, as it will help us to attract and retain visitors to our site.

What is the difference between web design and a website? Making a website trendy, beautiful, and logically structured requires a preliminary graphic design, where I use different graphic design software to create a professional and unique look for your future website. This is a long and time-consuming process, at least as many man-hours as the web development itself. It involves selecting and editing the right images, content layouts, highlights, graphic elements, color, and font coordination. A good and informative web design helps the visitor to navigate quickly and easily.

Choose a package!

The price of the package will be invoiced and settled on the basis of the service contract after its completion.

Websiteweb design + web development

from 850

  • Consultation
  • Setting up domain, hosting
  • WordPress site and subpages
  • Responsive (mobile, tablet)
  • 2 free modifications (30 min)
  • 1-2 hours training course
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Webshopweb design + website + webshop

from 1100

  • Consultation
  • Woocommerce
  • Custom product pages
  • Upload products
  • 2 free modifications (30 min)
  • 1-2 hours training course
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Online Courseweb design + website + webshop + LearnDash

from 1680

  • Consultation
  • Woocommerce
  • Training system design
  • Courses, lessons creation
  • Upload course videos
  • 1-2 hours training course
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How do I work?

The work starts with a detailed consultation, where I assess the client’s needs, we review competing sites, discuss goals and objectives and jointly create a link structure for the website. We choose the main colors, fonts, and pages that the client likes. I will create the visual design of the main page based on the agreed design, and after consultation, the design of the sub-pages (the website and webshop package includes the web design). It is also possible to order web design only if you want to do the development yourself or have someone else do it for you, this requires skilled and experienced graphic designers, so better leave it to a professional.

The content (texts, if you have your own and good-quality images) will be reviewed, I can recommend changes if necessary or I can connect you with a professional copywriter. Good content is just as important as a nice web design and a fast, transparent website, so I place a high priority on this. Before content production, it’s worth doing an off-site SEO analysis, where we assess the content, appearance, keywords, and strategy of competing sites.

Once the design, visual appearance, and content of the website are complete, web development begins. I meticulously develop a WordPress-based, responsive website, optimized for mobile and tablet as well as desktop. Once the website is ready, we review it together, I make a few more changes if necessary, and then I give a short training session on how to use the WordPress interface, upload content/blog articles, upload products, and manage orders if it’s a webshop.

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Why do we need a website?

One of the main reasons to have a website for your business is to increase credibility and trust in your organization. There are probably more companies offering a similar service to yours. One way to stand out from the rest is to have a website that is beautiful, practical, and clearly communicates quality information to consumers. Without a website, people may question the credibility of your business. Today, if you’re not on the web, you don’t exist, just like you don’t start eating until you’ve posted it 😀. Joking aside, having a website gives you the opportunity to make a great first impression and reassure your prospective customers that you are a real and trustworthy business.

Presenting your brand to your prospective customers is one of the most important. By clearly defining who you are, what you stand for, and what your company philosophy is, you increase the chances that potential customers who stray to your site will become your customers, even regular customers.

Leads i.e. commercially valuable and interesting consumers
Perhaps one of the most interesting reasons for your business to have a website is that you can increase your chances of getting leads. If someone finds you online, is interested in your product or service, and wants to find out more, the information on your website will let them know how to contact you, giving them the opportunity to increase their sales. Although websites do have costs, if used correctly, they have a positive return on investment.

Why do we need an online shop?

A webshop is a type of e-commerce website that allows customers to buy products from a company or entrepreneur at the click of a button. Webshops are often used by small businesses and entrepreneurs who do not have the resources to run an offline i.e. physical store or shop. Webshops also allow customers to order products without having to leave their homes, which is particularly convenient for people with reduced mobility. Because of covid restrictions, online shops are more popular than ever. Even if you have a physical shop, it is now very important to have an online presence.

WordPress’s most popular ecommerce plugin is WooCommerce, an open source ecommerce platform, so it fully caters to the needs of an entrepreneur just getting started in the world of online commerce. If you are looking to sell thousands of products online, then a custom-built ecommerce store is worth considering, but for selling a few hundred products or services, it is an excellent and cost-effective solution.

WooCommerce has many features that can help you create a successful online store:

  • the possibility of multilingualism
  • low start-up costs
  • free and premium extensions
  • ease of use
  • extensive administration panel
  • wide range of coupons and discounts
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Why do you need an online training platform?

The online training platform is a digital platform that allows the transfer of knowledge and skills in the online space. These platforms are often used by educators, trainers and entrepreneurs who do not have the resources or capabilities to provide traditional classroom training. Online courses offer a convenient solution for both learners and trainers, allowing knowledge to be shared and learned from home, without time and space constraints.

WordPress, as a platform, is the best choice for creating online training interfaces, especially with its LearnDash extension, an integrated and versatile e-learning solution. This system is particularly suitable for beginner trainers and entrepreneurs to easily start their online learning business. Whether you offer a few courses or a wide range of courses online, WordPress and LearnDash can meet your varied needs.